|| Jai Sri Gurudev ||

Adichunchanagiri University

BGS Institute Of Technology

BG Nagar,B-M Road,NH-75,571448

Sl.No Laboratory Name Equipment Hardware and Software Facility
01 Basic Material Testing Lab Universal testing machine
Brinell’s Rockwell and Vicker’s metal testing machine
Impact testing machine
Helical spring testing machine
Magnetic base stand with dial gauge
Torsion testing machine
Fatigue testing machine
Shear testing unit
02 Surveying Practice Lab Chain 30 m
Measuring tapes 30 m & 15 m
Optical square
Cross staffs
Cross staff wooden
Ranging rods
Digital planimeter
Prismatic compass
Surveyor's compass
Plane table set
Dumpy level
Reversible level
Wye level
Tilting level
Quick setting level
Hand level
Precise level
Cushing level crusener's level
Levelling staffs
Telescopic alidade
Abney level
Celyon ghat tracer
Auto level
Total station

03 Hydraulics & Hydraulic s Machinery Lab Pelton, Francis and Kaplan Turbines
Centrifugal pump constant speed
Centrifugal pump variable speed
Venturi meter
Venture flume
Major & minor Friction losses apparatus
pressure gauge
Collecting tank apparatus
Bernoulli’s apparatus
Impact of jet on vanes
Reynolds apparatus
Flow visualization
Point gauge

04 Computer Aided Building Planning & Drawing Lab
Operating System :-
Windows 8.1
Software :-
E tabs Softwares
05 Geo-Technical Engineering Lab Triaxial testing machine
Direct shear testing machine
Liquid limit apparatus
Sieve shaker
Core cutter complete with dolly & rammer
Sand pouring cylinder
Proctor compaction test apparatus
Sampling tubes
Shrinkage limit apparatus
Thin wall sampler
IS sieves
Stop watch
Vane shear apparatus
Soil hydrometer
Tripple beam balance
Double pan balance
GI trays
Soil sample extractor
Universal permeameter
Auto level consolidometer
Hydraulic sample eject
Rapid moisture content apparatus
Unconfined compression test apparatus
Magentic base stand
Dial gauge

06 Environmental Engineering Lab BOD incubator
Jackson turbidity meter
Auto calve
Photo electric calorimeter
Muffle furnace
Binocular inclined research microscope
Water still
Weighing balance
Dissolved oxygen meter
AAS Photometer
PH meter
Water Analysis kit
Direct reading conductivity meter
Bunson burner
Voltage stabilizer
Bacterial colony counter electronic digital display
High volume Air sampler
Water softener
Hot water bath
Jar test apparatus

07 Concrete & Highway Materials Lab Vicat needle apparatus
Air permeability apparatus
Platform scale
Weigh master make scale 10 kg & 05 kg capacity
Cube moulds
Beam moulds
Density basket
Slump test apparatus
Hydraulic compression testing machine
Vibrating machine
Sieve shaker
Compaction factor apparatus
Cylindrical measure
Length gauge
Thickness gauge
Vee-Bee consistometer
Hydraulic jack1000kN capacity
Flow table
Softening point apparatus
Dial gauge with magnetic base stand
Tripple beam balance
Ductility test apparatus
Flash & fire point apparatus
Field density test by sand replacement apparatus
California bearing ratio test
Aggregate crushing test apparatus with mould & accessories
Abrasion test Deval, Dorry, Los angles abrasion testing machine
Aggregate impact value test
Shape tests
IS test sieves
Sieve shaker