|| Jai Sri Gurudev ||

Adichunchanagiri University

BGS Institute Of Technology

BG Nagar,B-M Road,NH-75,571448

S.No Laboratory Name Area Equipment Hardware and Software Facility
01 Analog Electronics and Analog Communication +LIC Lab 81.82 CRO
Signal Generator
DC Power Supply(0 to 30V)
Dual Power Supply
02 Digital Electronics Lab 81.82 Trainer Kits
IC Tester
Operating System- Windows XP
Softwares - Multi-Sim
MS Office 2007
03 Micro Processor / VLSI Lab 81.82 Stepper Motor
Logic Controllar
8 Bit ADC
Power Supply(0-12V)
Power Supply(0-5V)
Operating System- Windows XP
Softwares - Xilinx 9.2
MS Office 2007
04 HDL / ARM Lab 81.82 Stepper Motor, DAC, Elevator, Power Supply(5-12V), FPGA Spartan-3
FPGA Spartan-6, ARM Boards, Digital CRO
Operating System- Windows 7
Softwares - Xilinx 14.1
Keil 5
MS Office 2007
05 Project / Power Lab 81.82 DC Voltmeter,DC Ammeter, DC Power Supply, Single phase Converter 230v/5A
Forced Communication Unit, Parallel Inverter, Series inverter
Voltage comunicated Chopper, DC Motor Speed Control Unit, AC Voltage Controller
SCR, TRIAC, DiAC, MOSFET & IQBT Characterstics Study Unit
SCR, TRIAC, DIAC Characterstics Study Unit
MOSFET - IQBT Characterstics Study Unit, Stepper Motor Controller
Meter unit, Digital Firing Ckt
RC Half & Full Wave Firing Ckt, RC Half & Full Wave Rectifing using UJT
UJT Firing Ckt, Light Dimmer Ckt using TRIAC-DIAC
Converter firing unit, Rheostart Small, Rheostart Long
Trasformer 1KVA, 5A Trasformer
Loading Inductor 2A, Universal Motor
DC Chopper Firing unit, 5A Line Choke
2A Line Choke, Regulated Power Supply
Operating System- Windows 7
Softwares -
MS Office 2007
06 DSP / CN Lab 81.82 DSP Kits Operating System- Windows 7
Softwares - MAT.14
NS 2
MS Office 2007
07 Communication Lab 81.82 Digital CRO, Old CRO, Signal Generator, Power supply[0-5]
Power supply [0-12], Microtrip, Antenna
Operating System- Windows XP
Softwares - MAT 10
MS Office 2007
08 Electrical Lab 81.82 Digital CRO, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Transformers
KVL & KCL Trainer Kit, Measurement of Current
power & Power factorof Lamp Trainer Kit, 3 Voltmeter Method Trainer Kit
Trainer kit for Current & Voltage Measurement in Star Delta
Measurement of 3 Phase Power by 2 wattmeter Trainer Kit
Two Way & Three Way Control of Lamp Trainer Kit, Earth Resistance Tester
Study of Fault in Fuse & MCB Trainer Kit
Cut Section of Motor DC Shunt Motor
Induction Motor, Synchronous Motor
Understanding AC/DC Supply using Tester & Test Lamp
Understanding of UPS
Operating System- Windows 7/Fedora 9
Softwares - Turbo C++
MS-MASM 6.11
MS Office 2007