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NBA Documents - Civil Engineering

1. Video Tour of programme specific facilities

2. SAR

3. Departmental Presentation (PPT)

4. Course files (one from each semester), Course file must contain COs, mapping, Target of COs and attainment, Semester session plan, Sample T-L resources, assignment, mid-term papers and end-term papers

5. At least Laboratory record/manual for two labs including, assessment, rubrics and their implementation

6. Project reports at least 4 reports of different types along with evaluation records including rubrics and its implementation

7. Time table for all semesters for all three assessment years

8. Departmental faculty list (CAY, CAYm1, CAYm2)

  • Faculty List

Link : NBA_Civil\8. Departmental faculty list (CAY, CAYm1, CAYm2)-20210920T163650Z-001\8. Departmental faculty list (CAY, CAYm1, CAYm2)\8 Faculty details.pdf

9. Student list of CAY for all four years

  • Civil Students List

Link: NBA_Civil\9. Student list of CAY -20210920T163653Z-001\9. Student list of CAY_\9. Civil Students List.pdf

10. Placement list for all three assessment years (CAYm1, CAYm2, CAYm3)

  • Placement details

Link : NBA_Civil\10. Placement list\10 Placement details.pdf

11. Detailed Curriculum

12. NBA accreditation report of past visit: NA

13. List/Number of students who cleared the program in 4 years (last 3 years data) with and without backlog separately

  • Result With_Without Backlog

Link: NBA_Civil\13.without backlog separately-20210920T163716Z-001\13.without backlog separately\13 List of Graduates With _ Without backlogs.pdf

14. List of faculty research papers with online links

15. Sponsored research projects along with approvals/ Letters

16. Consultancy from industry along with approval/ Letters

17. Academic audit reports