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BGS Institute of Technology

B-M Road, NH-75, B.G.Nagara-571448


Transportation and Parking Services offers the BGSIT community a single location for all transportation and parking information. Students, faculty, staff and visitors will find information on BGSIT College parking rules and regulations, inter-campus transportation, commuting aids, maps, directions and a host of links.
Transportation and Parking Services coordinates and/or assists in the coordination of all transportation-related services and programs for special events, athletic events, handicapped access and parking, signage, way-finding, all rideshare activities and many other related services.


Bus Route List

SL. From TO
1 Bengaluru BG Nagara
2 Mandya BG Nagara
3 Mysore B G Nagara

Contact Details

Name of the PRO: Rachegowda
Contact Number: 9880632501