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About Sri Skethra Sri Adichunchanagiri

Sri Kshetra Adichunchanagiri has a history of 2000 years of its existence. It is the holy land engulfed with the divine resonance and vibration. Ancient Vedic culture was founded here on spirituality, where Nature is valued and worshipped. It was Yagnas and prayers that inspired cosmic peace here.

Sri Kshetra is blessed by Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva performed penance at Sri Kshetra, during which he devoured two demons, Chuncha and Kancha, who were pestering elements of the area for a very long time. At the end of his austerity, Lord Shiva entrusted a Siddayogi, establishing a ‘Natha tradition’ and guided him to disseminate the righteousness in the society.
Lord Shiva also assured to reside in Sri Kshetra Adichunchanagiri, in the form of Panchalingas viz. Lord Gangadhareshwaraswamy, Chandramouleshwaraswamy, Malleshwaraswamy, Siddeshwaraswamy and Someshwaraswamy; of which Lord Gangadhareshwaraswamy is known as the ‘Presiding Deity’. Thus, Sri Kshetra came to be known as “Panchalinga Kshetra”.
Lord Kalabhyraveshwaraswamy, the manifestation of Lord Shiva, is the ‘Protecting Deity’ of Sri Kshetra. He extends his grace to all and bestows divine experience and liberation. Goddess Parvathi resides here in the form of Stambambike.
Sri Math serves free food to more than twenty thousand people every day. This feeding programme has earned the Math another name – “Annadani Math”. ‘Bindu Sarovara’ is formed naturally on the middle hill of Sri Kshetra. It is believed that this holy place is formed by the holy water, discharged by the Jata of Lord Gangadhareshwara, who is stationed a few hundred feet high above this lake. Dedicated devotees take a holy dip to dispel their ignorance and accumulated sins.
Sri Kshetra is surrounded by a beautiful forest, which appears to radiate an aura of abiding serenity, spiritual solitude and peace. This area is known as ‘Mayura Vana’, where enchanting peacocks live freely.
Millions look to this ancient Monastery, for both spiritual and mundane guidance. Apart from teaching spirituality, Sri Kshetra is set out to uplift the rural community through education and healthcare programmes – the two most pressing needs of the society.

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In the holy lineage of ‘Guruparampara’, His Holiness ByravaikyaJagadguru Sri Sri Sri Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji who took charge as the 71stSpiritual Head of the Sri Math in 1974, at the age of 30. From that day onwards, Sri Math began its upward journey with rapid strides. The benevolent activities of social service gained an accelerated momentum since then.His Holiness always focused on the basic necessities like Anna (Food), Akshara (Education), Arogya (Health), Ashraya (Shelter) and Aranya (Forest). Sri Math is feeding free food for more than twenty thousand people a day. It is because devotees are fed incessantly, Sri Math is also called ‘Annadani Math’. Swamiji contributed for the progress, peace, happiness and harmony of the mankind.

The 72nd pontiff Sri Sri Sri Dr. Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji is sacredly walking and working round the clock on the foot prints of Sri Sri Sri Dr. BalagangadharanathaSwamiji. Sri Sri Sri Dr. Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji is the perfect personification of wisdom, benthamism, eclecticisms, universalism. All BGS Educational Institutions, temples and shrines have been reaching new horizon in this beautiful universe.